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  • 3 Strand Twisted 3 Strand Twisted
    The most ancient rope construction, it is made by twisting fibers together to form yarn, then twisting rope yarn together to form strands, then twisting three strands together to create the rope. An excellent all purpose rope, it is easily spliced and has some stretch.
  • 12 Strand Single Braid 12 Strand Single Braid
    This rope has fibers twisted into strands then braided into a single rope. This technique eliminates torque and hockling during use, yet produces a rope that is easily spliced for efficient work time management.
  • Diamond Braid Diamond Braid
    A tightly braided outside jacket creates a diamond pattern around an inner core in this construction. It is extremely strong and durable, holding its shape under stress without damage.
  • Double Braid Double Braid
    This rope is formed by braiding an inner core then braiding an outer layer over the core. It is strong, good for load bearing, resists abrasion and doesn't kink easily. Very durable.
  • Hollow Braid Hollow Braid
    Due to its construction without a core, this rope is light weight and easily spliced. It is an economical general purpose rope.
  • Knit Braid Knit Braid
    The knit construction technique that creates this rope makes it extremely flexible without sacrificing strength. It is easy on users' hands and ties very well.
  • Solid Braid Solid Braid
    Braiding the rope yarns into a single, solid form creates a firm, round rope. It maintains its shape while in use, yet retains its flexibility. This rope performs well on blocks and pulleys, has great strength for holding weight and is not likely to fray.
  • Stiff Braid Stiff Braid
    This rope has a tightly woven braided jacket around a core, similar to Diamond Braid, making it very strong.

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